Why Your Back Pain May Require Physical Therapy

According to the BLR, back injuries have been one of the most common injuries experienced in the workplace, accounting for more than 20 percent of all injuries that take place in the workplace in the United States. Some of the common back injuries that are experienced by workers in America include: back strain, back sprain and herniated disks. Back strains occur when muscles become overused and or overstretched by strenuous or repetitive activities. Sprain occurs when there are torn ligaments that happen from fast movement of the muscles. Herniated disks usually occur when the loss of the spines support occurs from constant strain and or age. Many people who suffer back injuries tend to lose out on their quality of life because they are no longer able to do activities that they once enjoyed. If you are someone who constantly experiences back pain, you may want to consider receiving physical therapy to properly heal.

According to The Good Body, in the United States, there are more than 80 percent of adults who are going to experience back pain some time in their life, with about more than 10 percent of people who will suffer from getting a re-injury. There are also more than 1 million people who end up getting back injuries every single year in America. There are many people who suffer from back pain and other bodily injuries that they do nothing about. Many people end up ignoring their pain and end up suffering a very painful lifestyle. People even end up avoiding their social life, since they are no longer able to do the things they use to once do, due to their extreme pain they face. Experiencing constant pain can be extremely debilitating and can really place a damper on one’s life without the proper treatment. Physical therapy has been proven to help those experiencing pain improve and or even eliminate pain all together.

If you are suffering from extreme back pain or any other physical pain caused by an injury or pain overtime, it is crucial to receive proper treatment. Physical therapy helps by reducing and or stopping your pain that you experience completely by using therapeutic exercises and or manual techniques that helps your soft tissues and muscles regain its strength and mobility. By opting for physical therapy, you can also avoid invasive surgery, which is never a guarantee and can also cause weeks to recover and get back on your feet. Physical therapy is also a plus because it helps you improve your mobility. If you are interested in receiving physical therapy and healing your injuries, you may want to consider doing research online by searching for: physical therapy centreville va.

Overall, dealing with painful injuries can be extremely debilitating and can change your life. You will never be the same facing pain and injuries without treatment. It is critical to make sure that you receive the proper treatment with physical therapy, so you can heal faster and regain your life back.

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