Facts about what is drugs and addiction and why you need to get help as soon as possible (Drug abuse and addiction orange county)

Let us discuss the facts relating to drug abuse and addiction orange county services offered at many places. Drug abuse is an extreme habit of overuse of drugs, which involves some side effects of withdrawal. But if you tried, you can quit the harmful practice, whereas you may be suffering from addiction if you cannot leave.

Some facts about drug addiction treatment offered by Orange County

The system researched to know the pattern and cause of addiction to treat it better. The following are the findings of the study:

  • The center statistics state that the number of patients admitted for drug addiction included men that amounted to almost two times than women.
  • The number of deaths due to drug addiction is also higher in men than in women.
  • About 5500 drug abuse admission and 700 deaths take place every year as a result of drug abuse.
  • The average period required for a person to stay in the hospital is 4.3; this includes hospital charges up to 430 million dollars.
  • The total percent of deaths that occur because of drugs is 78.6%. The addiction caused by prescribed medicine is 51.5%, and from opioids is 66.8%.
  • Drug abuse and orange addiction county cases mostly include addiction through prescription drugs in the case of women.

Facts relating to drug abuse and addiction

Drug abuse and addiction hamper almost every part of the body. It creates a different kind of feelings, moods, memory, judgment, and decision. If you are suffering from health issues, then it multiplies the problem a couple of times. Let us know some facts relating to it:

  • Research says that nearly 1/3rd of the cases reported for AIDS/Hepatitis are the disease suffered by people using injection drugs. These injection drugs include cocaine, heroin, etc. It spread mostly because of the sharing of injection.
  • The drug has shown more mental disorders in people using drug-like paranoia, aggression, depression, and hallucination. These hallucinations last for a longer time and may result from brain damage caused by the drugs. There may be genetic or other environmental causes behind the problem.
  • Cocaine has a direct relation with a heart attack and stroke. People experience more heart problems if they take injection drugs. The vulnerability to infection also increases comparatively.
  • People suffering from drug abuse suffers from heart disease, HIV/AIDS, cancer, mental illness, and other dangerous condition.
  • When recovering from drug addiction and getting back, relapse does not mean that your treatment was unsuccessful. If you are getting the problem again, you should take measures and visit for treatment, but it will not be so difficult this time.
  • If someone is suffering from addiction, it is not necessary to take the person for treatment voluntarily. Even if you force the therapy, he/she has an equal chance to recover from it.


Abuse of prescription drugs is getting common and needs to be in control; even drug abuse and addiction orange county research state the same. If you know someone suffering from a problem relating to drug addiction, help them get professional help. If not enabled, they can develop brain damage disorder, sometimes leading to death. Get more knowledge about the treatment by clicking on the link http://socaltreatmentcenter.com/.

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