Why You Should Consider Attending a Pet Friendly Rehab California

Completing addiction treatment is not that easy. Addiction specialists may combine medication and therapy-based treatment options. Animal-assisted therapy or pet therapy helps improve the patient’s chances of successfully completing treatment by nurturing the emotional bonds that form between humans and animals. Pets create a feeling of comfort and familiarity, calm the mind and soothe emotions. You can now find a pet friendly rehab California center that offers Animal Assisted Therapy to guide patients into a life of sobriety.

Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy in Rehab

Animal Assisted Therapy offers a lot of benefits such as reducing anger, aggression, anxiety, blood pressure, and heart rate. It releases endorphins, which produces a calming effect. Animal Assisted Therapy also improves feelings of self-worth, physical activity, socialization and a sense of purpose. Cats and dogs are usually used as therapy animals. Some rehabs provide programs like dolphin therapy and equine therapy. Animals can serve as social modulators and social facilitators. They can improve emotional reactivity. Animal Assisted Therapy is also beneficial for people with mental disorders.

Animals provide patients with a sense of security and comfort. Interactions with pets also release feel-good chemicals in the brain like oxytocin or the love hormone that improves the ability of a person to connect with others. This helps them open more easily. Interactions with pets can also improve human-to-human bonds. It is a great conversation starter. If you don’t know what to say, you can talk about your love for pets.

Some rehabs allow patients to bring their pets with them. Others don’t allow animals due to legitimate reasons such as licensing, allergies and liabilities. If you’re attending a long-term inpatient treatment, your pet may not be able to stay with you all the time. They may still be allowed to visit you. Sober living homes may not allow pets because rooms are usually shared between groups of people. However, they are willing to work with patients to help them find a nearby pet resort. Even if you are not living together with your pet, you can still benefit from getting to see them while you are in rehab. Here are your other options for your pet while you go to rehab.

Pet Sitter

You can hire a pet sitter to take care of your pet while you are in rehab.

Pet Resorts

Rehab centers can help you find a nearby pet resort. This way, you can still see your pet.


If the rehab center has on-site pet boarding, your pet can relax and visit you once in a while.

Family Member

You can ask a family member to take care of your pet while you are in rehab. Your loved ones will do whatever it takes to help you overcome addiction.

Some rehab centers allow patients to play and take walks with their pets when they don’t have any schedule. Pets bring a lot of joy. They support you and provide unconditional love. Even if everybody seems to hate you, your pet will be there for you. Find a pet friendly rehab California facility and ask about their policies.

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