Why You Should Choose Hormone Replacement Therapy over Other Forms?

Are you curious about the bioidentical hormone therapy advantages? These natural hormones are derived from plants. Hormone treatment is a growing area of controversy due to the possible side effects of synthetic hormones and the fact that many drugs used in the treatment have been known to cause some cancers and side effects. Hormone replacement therapy can be quite successful in eliminating symptoms of menopause, but as more information becomes available we may learn of other benefits that this treatment may offer.

As stated previously, bioidentical hormones are produced by plants and are just as effective as their chemical based cousins. They are made through a process called transdermal hormonal stimulation. This process occurs when plant enzymes are injected into the skin, blood stream, or a local area where they are effective. Over time, these hormones “settle in” to the target tissues. Over time, the body adjusts to the levels of hormones in the system and the symptoms of menopause will subside. In some cases the use of these hormones may even be seen as a necessity for the treatment of certain conditions.

Another of the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy advantages is cost. Because these hormones are derived from plants, they are much less costly than synthetic hormones. This means that you could save hundreds of dollars each year by not having to buy hormone replacement therapy medications. In addition, by avoiding prescription and over-the-counter medications you will be helping to prevent potentially dangerous side effects. For example, depression is often treated with anti-depressants, but if you stop taking the medication your depression can become worse and actually become life threatening!

Bioidentical hormone therapy is also safe for women of childbearing age. Women who are past menopause are often left feeling uncomfortable and not sure what to do. Many hormone replacement therapy methods are also very effective when used during perimenopause. However, when a woman is pregnant it is possible that the drugs can be too toxic for the fetus. In this case it may be better to speak to your doctor about alternative methods of hormone replacement therapy. Bioidentical hormones have been approved by the FDA for use in women undergoing menopause as well as women who are pregnant.

Finally, bioidentical therapy has many other benefits besides treating menopause. This form of therapy can be used to treat many conditions, including breast cancer, osteoporosis, migraine headaches, menopause-related headaches, fibromyalgia, menopause symptoms, PCOS and thyroid conditions. In fact, bioidentical hormones have even been used to treat conditions that aren’t related to menopause at all! Women have been using them successfully to treat symptoms of unexplained menopause for years!

The unfortunate thing is that many women still think that menopause is simply a part of old age that must be handled with creams and pills. They don’t realize that they can actually treat their bodies from the inside out with natural supplements that contain the important hormones their bodies need for optimal health. And, unlike harmful synthetic hormones, bioactive ingredients from plants actually balance hormone production. If you are tired of dealing with menopause and its symptoms, it’s time to do something about your health by starting supplementation routine now.


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