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Probably every person in his life at least once experienced a headache. Perhaps the main paradox of this phenomenon is that the brain itself is deprived of nerve pain receptors and is simply incapable of experiencing pain. So, the first thing to do if you have a headache is to find the real reasons for this sensation. We will tell you what a headache is and what exactly makes your head ache.

Headache is the concept is much less uniform than it seems at first glance. Periodically, it occurs in almost everyone, but persistent headaches can be a symptom of a serious illness, and in this case it is best to immediately consult a doctor. In general, the whole headache can be divided into two large types: independent pains or appearing in the complex as a symptom of another disease. The latter, for example, is characteristic of almost all colds.

Frequent headaches that are not burdened with other symptoms can, in turn, be divided into several types: tension pain, beam or cluster pain, and migraines.

Tension headache

Occurs most frequently. Almost everyone can have headaches; moreover, they can be repeated almost daily and become chronic (with duration of more than 3 months).

Tuft pains

Such pains are also characterized as suicidal. And, perhaps, this is the most succinct description for beam pain. In this case, it’s not enough to say “headache”, these pains are called suicidal precisely because the sensations go far beyond the limits of tolerance and practically deprive a person of the will to live.

Throbbing headache: migraine

Migraine is difficult to confuse with any other kind of pain. Usually it is located only in one half of the head, most often in the frontal or temporal lobes. Migraines are clearly expressed pulsating pains, aggravated by walking or other movements.

Headache prevention

Means of preventing headache, above all, are relevant for tension headache, since its appearance is directly dependent on lifestyle. Rest, both physical and intellectual, and emotional is most important.

Healthy sleep, good food and emotional peace can relieve headaches without the help of any drugs. Pay attention to the quality of your sleep: do you have enough time in the realm of Morpheus, is the temperature and humidity suitable in the bedroom? In addition, too high a concentration of carbon dioxide in the room may prevent proper rest, from which there is a feeling of stuffiness, insomnia and the same headache. Breather will help you maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to sleep in the bedroom and have a good rest before a new day.

To make headache a rare occurrence, you should introduce it into your life:

  • Regular exercise improves blood circulation in the brain and saturates it with oxygen and other nutrients;
  • The correct mode of work and rest. Exhaustion can lead to tension headaches, and persistent high loads on the body can lead to other pain;
  • Good night’s sleep. Take care of a healthy microclimate in the bedroom so that the room is ventilated, the air temperature should be high enough for comfort, but not too much – it is more difficult to sleep in the heat. In addition, you should follow the norm of sleep – 7-8 hours, its lack will lead to problems with nerves, and the excess – to lethargy and the same sick head;
  • If possible, reduce the level of stress and develop your own means of getting rid of it, be it a warm bath or a punching bag in the hallway;
  • Pay attention to the food, excluding from the menu products that provoke a headache: smoked, salted, saturated with preservatives and flavor enhancers;
  • It is necessary to limit the use of analgesics and painkillers – no more than 10-15 pills per month. If the first tablet did not help, you cannot take the second one – an overdose of painkillers also leads to the development of a headache;

If the headaches recur, it is worthwhile to start a calendar and note their appearance and duration. These data will help determine the cause of the pain and prescribe the correct treatment at headache treatment New Jersey center.

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