Pharmacy & Online Medical Prescription: How Does It Work?

Online medical prescriptions, a reliable concept or not?

Two classes of drugs exist on the market: those that require a valid prescription for purchase and those that are over-the-counter, available without any medical prescription. For the first category, the delivery and use of these drugs must be performed by a professional to avoid any mishandling that will lead to adverse health outcomes. Currently, on the web, sites offer the acquisition of an order online.

Why an order is needed, whether on the internet or not?

At first, we must know what an order is, then we will see later its necessity. The medical prescription is an approach undertaken by a health professional for the prescription of a treatment, a therapy or a medical device. This act is proof that the patient was examined by a doctor. There are five types of prescription: the simple prescription (the one used every day), the bizonal prescription, the secure prescription, the emergency order and the electronic prescription.

Whatever the type of prescription, it is necessary because it allows the pharmacist not to be mistaken for medication when it is issued. He will be able to respect the posology, the therapeutic indications and the possible interactions with the other drugs. This is a vital document that is used to track the patient on an online pharmacy . That said, there are online pharmacies or online drugstores that also sell prescription-only medications. In this case, you can, just like in a traditional physical pharmacy, acquire your treatment without prior online consultation.

The medical prescription is a simple way to protect yourself and to comply with a medical opinion because a treatment is not identical even if the patients have the same symptoms. Among other things, doctors have many years of experience which allows them to face all possible situations. You must also take into account your relationship with your doctor. He owns and knows your file by heart.

The online prescription also has the same characteristics. The use of an online prescription thus limits the abuses of some pharmaceutical industries that are seeking profit. They use tricks and dishonest practices to refourgue the maximum of drugs. The online medical prescription rejects and does not allow self-medication. A way of doing that is harmful to health or even deadly.

How to get a prescription online?

The presentation of a medical prescription is mandatory for certain drugs. A rule required by the public health code and which pharmacies and pharmacists must respect under pain of sanctions. The pharmacist is not entitled to prescribe a medical prescription. Its role stops only at the delivery of the drug. By requiring an online prescription, he ensures that the patient has been consulted by his doctor. But getting an online prescription, is it feasible and appropriate? This type of order is governed by the same rules as the paper order. It especially benefits people with reduced mobility who can not move. It facilitates the purchase of medicines whose prescription is mandatory on web platforms.

This practice is in accordance with the legislation in force. Before the prescription of a particular drug, a prior consultation takes place online. This is done by videoconference or by chat. The patient must carefully fill out a form without neglecting any information.

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