Monsoon Season: What Are The Causes Of Hair Fall

Using chemicals and hair dyes is the trend going on to have a more stunning look. The rainy season is where you get lots of humidity in the air, and hair falls rapidly in this season due to the high humidity. Acid rain or dirty rainwater is responsible for making the hairs dry and brittle. There are various shampoos, conditioners and hair products that you can have in the market to get rid of this dire condition. Embracing the good quality of hairs is everyone’s priority when it comes to looking good.

Using chemical dyes, colors or other hair products based on chemicals then it makes your hairs greasier due to excess of humidity. Canadian pharmacy the online pharmacy for those who want the good quality of hairs with luster and strength yes, you can have all the hair products and medicines to cure any kind of hair issues in the rainy season. Online pharmacies are there for you to offer at your doorsteps at a very high rate discounts.

Especially youth what they do to stay all time ready is using the gels for their hairs. Hair gels are something that can make you have dandruff and this leads to hair fall. Some of the points can be followed in the rainy season to keep hairs strong and to reduce hair fall.

  • Keep your hairs dry
  • Never tie your wet hairs, let them dry completely
  • For once a week you can use the oil in your hairs
  • Avoid using hair dyers
  • Use a mild shampoo, especially containing natural ingredients
  • Drink lots of water
  • In case of any hair related issues that persist, never be too late to go trichologist

Keeping your scalp clean and healthy is as important as your hairs. Shampoo your hairs 2-3 times in a week to keep your hairs sticky and sweaty scalp healthy. Drying your hairs matters a lot in monsoon, so dry your hairs in the right way that is by the help of towel but not with a hairdryer.

Friction between the towel and your hairs makes the hairs strong to reduce hair fall. Giving conditioner to your hair helps in giving the nourishment, strength and protects hair against hair fall. Combing hairs also matters in lifting the quality of hairs. Use the wide-tooth comb for combing your wet hairs.

Switching to a holistic diet can work for your hairs in monsoon. Consuming junk food leads to thinning of hairs so have the nutritious food like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and protein-rich food.

Adding these foods provide the good amount of protein to the hairs making them strong to fight against various issues. Remember not to go out without covering your hairs with a scarf. Let the melody of monsoon play in your mind, not its menace on your hairs. So this monsoon follows all the above-given tips and enjoys your monsoon with your perfect hairs.

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