Healthcare Treatment Options and Affordability

Healthcare costs are rising at well over $3.4 million, and that amount will see exponential increase by 2025, according to Modern Healthcare. Increasing healthcare costs means physicians will have to charge more for services rendered, and patients will have to pay more out of pocket. This is due in large part, to the high cost of medical practice insurance for physicians as well as insurance coverage for patients. These costs are also due to the ever-increasing buyout and consolidation of healthcare practices by healthcare systems.

To offset exorbitant medical fees, physicians are turning to offering treatment options that requires the use of medical laser technology. They do this by purchasing pre-owned medical lasers. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages of purchasing pre-owned medical lasers. The most obvious advantage of purchasing a new medical laser is that a practice will own a top of the line model. One important advantage of purchasing new means there is almost always a warranty that is covered by the manufacturer. Another pertinent advantage is that purchasing new means there is training material and marketing support if a physician or practice should need it.

There are disadvantages as well, notwithstanding once the purchase has been acquired, the new laser depreciates. Moreover, there is always another new medical laser being manufactured and oftentimes, it is bought without the knowledge that there is a newer, more advanced, version becoming available within the year. This mean the “older” version, which is still relatively new, will be classified as obsolete. Still, this could be considered an advantage because the purchase of the newer medical laser might get the physician a discount for an upgrade. Another disadvantage, of course, is the cost. New medical lasers are quite expensive and there are extra costs by the manufacturer to keep in mind as well as maintenance costs.

A lot of physicians and medical practices find the advantage of purchasing Pre-owned medical lasers is cost effective, and these savings can be passed on to the patients. Another advantage of purchasing a pre-owned medical laser is there are more of them to choose from. They can also come with warranties depending on the company selling them.

Also, pre-owned models might be a better purchase because the parts which make up the machine might be easier to fix if it stops working or needs new parts. There is also the advantage of less overhead and greater profitability when purchasing pre-owned lasers because physicians can charge their patients the same amount of money for laser treatment on the older model if they so choose to go that route. Also, purchasing pre-owned medical lasers from reputable companies might also provide service and support that rivals that of its newer models because the cost is substantially lower. The disadvantages of used health lasers aren’t a long list but there are important things that physicians should consider before deciding on purchasing one for their practice.

It is important to know where to purchase the lasers by researching for reputable resellers. Oftentimes, third party brokers are sketchy and never deliver the product once it is purchased, or are never available if a problem should arise, so it is best buyers avoid them. Given mostly advantages of purchasing pre-owned medical lasers, it certainly makes financial sense for physicians and patients.

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