Do Vaping and Smoking Makes You More Vulnerable to The Covid19 Virus?

The outbreak of Covid19 virus has brought many myths about reducing the effects of contracting the coronavirus disease. However, overtime researchers finally concluded that the regular washing and sanitizing of your hands will keep the virus at bay. They have also provided various guidelines like using face masks, avoiding vaping and smoking, and maintaining a social distance of six feet to avoid the risk of vulnerability to the Covid19 virus.

What are the effects of the Covid19 virus on the human body?

The Covid19 or SARS-Cov-19 virus, as the name suggests causes an infectious respiratory disease that can have mild to moderate respiratory dysfunction.

The researchers have proved that age is not a factor that protects you from contracting coronavirus. The severity of the Covid19 disease varies from person to person based on their lifestyle and any previous health issues.

The Covid19 enters the human body through their eyes, nose and mouth. The study suggests that wearing of proper face masks can help in preventing the spread and contraction of the Covid19 virus. The Custom Earth Promos has been supplying FDA approved Makrite N95 face masks with no breathing valve in the Florida state of the U.S.A.

They have been supplying premium quality of respiratory face masks, sanitizers, gloves, disinfectants and other protective kits to help you fight against the Covid19 virus. They also manufacture reusable and customized bags, water bottles and many other promotional items. Their products do not contain any harmful chemicals and are accord with California’s Proposition 65. They provide better customer care services and on-time delivery.

Is the Covid19 virus more threatening to vapers and smokers?

The vaping and smoking of tobacco or nicotine can damage lung cells. It causes the inflammation of the airpipe and reduces the efficiency of the respiratory system and lung immunity. When a person with a vaping or smoking background comes in contact with the Covid19 virus, their lungs have reduced capability to fight against the coronavirus disease and other pulmonary diseases.

Researchers have surveyed smokers and non-smokers and revealed that the level of severity of the Covid19 virus on smokers is much more than those who have never smoked. The smokers have severe health effects like pneumonia, lung inflammation and failure of respiratory organs. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have mentioned that vaping and smoking increases the threat of contracting the Covid19 virus.

The vaping and smoking involve frequent hand-to-mouth contact activities which increases the chances of contracting the virus. The FDA has taken steps to strict the sale and marking of vaping devices during the Covid19 pandemic. The vaping or smoking devices like hookah and cigarette buds are mostly shared among the people during recreational activities, which further facilitate the Covid19 virus to spread from person to person.

The CDC and WHO have recommended quitting vaping and smoking of nicotine to stay healthy and avoid severe health consequences of the Covid19 virus. It will also increase the functionality of your lungs and heart. It will improve your health and boosts your respiratory immunity system to fight against common diseases like cough and cold.

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