THC Facts and Information: How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Hair

It is true that there are countries, which strictly prohibits the use of marijuana, except for medical purposes, while there are also countries, where smoking weed is legal. However, the number of individuals, who have not yet abstained from using marijuana, is still continuously increasing. For this reason, the government and various sectors are worried that this activity may affect the society, work performance and safety of the company. That’s why some people have started raising anti-drug campaigns and employers required their employees as well as applicants to go for drug testing.

Some will have to use the urine or blood sample for the laboratory exam, while others prefer the use of hair. Because of this, you have to do a detox for your hair and get cleaned before proceeding to the experts. Actually, the reason why employers have changed from urine to hair, is the fact that it is not easy to cheat using this method. Now, as a weed smoker, there are a lot of things that you need to know, especially when it comes to the THC content, how long it stays in your body, the detection period and detox ways to help you achieve a negative drug result.

How THC Gets to Your Hair

You do not need to directly consume or smoke marijuana just to get the toxin into your system. Mingling around with the users will be enough for the chemical to get into every strand in your body. You can also acquire this chemical through skin contact, especially after holding marijuana.

Anyway, before this compound finally reaches your head. It will first pass through the bloodstream. And then, goes to different parts or system. When it is already in the blood vessels, it will now go to the cells. That is how it will reach the scalp. It can be detected within 90 days. However, this period may vary, depending on a few factors that can greatly affect the stay of THC.

Factors Affecting the Stay of Weed

First of all, the length of stay will depend on the frequency of use. Therefore, a regular user will have to keep this toxin in his system for a longer of time. Those who have just tried it once will not have to worry much as long as he will stay away from people during their sessions. Another thing, you have to know the potency level of the marijuana that you are using. Traces of chemicals will be stored longer for higher levels of THC. Refer to this website for further reading on the levels of this compound.

Next, how do you use a weed? This has a significant effect on the detectable time, too. Weed users have their own way of taking this drug. It could be smoked or vaped, where the levels of the toxin may drop in just a few hours and days for some. For individuals, who prefer to ingest it by adding to food, will have a longer detectable time because the breakdown of the chemicals would be slower.

Lastly, we have your weight. You should know that, if you have more fatty tissues in your body, then you will have more storage the toxins. This means that the chemicals will be cleared faster when you have less fat. Even those who have poor health cannot easily get rid of the unwanted substances. And then, it also has something to do with the rate of your metabolism. Every person has a unique metabolism and the breakdown of the substance will also depend on how fast or slow it is.

Marijuana Drug test

During the laboratory drug test, the experts will have to take a sample of your hair strands. They will use this to trace the THC compound in your system. After exposure to this type of prohibited drugs, be reminded that you can get a positive result for a maximum of 90 days. The specimen will be taken from your scalp with a length of 1.5 inches. There is a chance to accurately detect the substance within 3 months after exposure to weed because this grows monthly with an average length of 0.5 inches. After that, you are clear because the hair has grown and lost the toxin.

The experts collect the specimen and wash it to remove other contaminants. It will then be chopped and kept in a solution to trace the compounds. Here, they use the Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay or ELISA procedure during the screening. This method will check the compound for THCA.

If your result is positive, the experts will perform another test – gas chromatography and mass spectrometry or GC/MS, for a more precise result. After this, the final outcome will be confirmed. Anyway, some of you might not be happy with the result. Therefore, I suggest you to abstain from using weed and start finding ways to detox or clean your system. You may visit to learn more about the GC/MS procedure.


To help you cleanse your body from unwanted substances, you need to detox by using special shampoos that are specifically made for marijuana users. These contain compounds that aids in removing drug metabolites. It will not only wash the oil stored in your scalp. It will also penetrate the inner structure of the shaft. Through this, the encapsulated toxins will be removed. This may contain strong chemicals, but products with high quality will not cause damage to your scalp and hair. Using this 3 to 10 days before going to the drug laboratory facilities is recommended.

Another way to speed up the cleansing process is by taking detox supplements. It could be in the form of pills and beverages. Do not forget to ask for vitamins and minerals that you have to take like Vitamin B. And then, do not forget to drink plenty of water as well.

Lastly, go out and exercise regularly. You need to sweat a lot to lose some weight. It is also important to eat healthy and nutritious foods. These things will help you lose weight and have a healthy body.

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