Facts about Drug Treatment in Sacramento

Acknowledging you or your loved one has an addiction and then committing to attend drug treatment in Sacramento can be overwhelming. However, this is the most crucial step towards recovery. One of the challenges people face in recovering from drug addiction is how the drug treatment process will influence their lives.

One way to dispel the fear is to learn as much as you can about drug rehabilitation. The more knowledge you know, the more at ease you will feel. In this article, you will learn about what to expect when you enter a drug treatment program. Knowing all these will make your journey to recovery from drug addiction a lot easier.

What is Drug Addiction Rehab?

Addiction rehab, particularly those directed to drugs, are structured drug treatment programs designed to help people struggling with substance abuse. With drug treatment, people with drug addiction can work towards having a happy, healthy, and sober lifestyle.

What to Expect in an Addiction Rehab?

Drug treatment or rehab is not the same to everyone. This is because the drug treatment is tailored to each individual’s needs. However, the treatment process generally involves a combination of the same therapies and procedures. These therapies are:

  • Detoxification

The first step of the process, during the detoxification process the body is rid of the toxic influences of drugs. The experience during the detox varies depending on the specific type of substance and the level of addiction. A professional supervises the detox program to alleviate the risks and discomfort.

  • Drug Abuse Therapy

Under this stage, treatment continues with several psychological and behavioral therapeutic therapies. The patient undergoes individual or group therapies to identify and address the underlying reasons behind the addiction. It’s essential to learn triggers and high-risk situations necessary to avoid relapse.

  • Aftercare

After detox and therapies, the treatment continues with an aftercare plan. This is vital to avoid the patient from relapsing. Appropriate aftercare plan will be devised for the patient, which may include ongoing therapy, support groups, sober living, etc.

How Long Do You Need Drug Treatment?

The treatment for drug addiction does not have a set period of time applicable to everyone. There are set periods for the length of the given rehab, such as 30-day, 60-day or 90-day programs. However, even after this rehab is still ongoing, which is necessary to maintain the patient’s steady recovery.

In determining the correct length of treatment, the professionals will take into account certain factors. Those factors may include the patient’s history of drug addiction, the severity of his condition, the specific substances used and its frequency, physical and mental health, plus several others.

Based on specific studies, patients who stay for around three months or longer in drug rehab centers show higher rates of long-term sobriety. Shorter programs show to be more effective, but more extended programs do have the advantage of focusing on the root problem and more time to recover.

There is no cure for addiction, but drug treatment in Sacramento helps to manage it effectively. The drug recovery doesn’t end even after the duration of the treatment. Drug rehabilitation is an ongoing, lifelong fight of navigating through life without depending on drugs.

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